About me

Main interests:

Nature protection, landscape protection, ornithology, biogeography, botany, ecology of microregions, revitalisation of abandoned areas, preserving pannoninan historical, cultural and natural heritage


  • National Birders Association Novi Sad (since 1993 and again since 2001)
  • Ecological Association "Richard Csornai" (locally, since 1987)
  • Association of Naturalists "Riparia" (locally, since 2012)
  • Croatian Birders Association (on founding, in 1989)
  • Hungarian Association for Bird Study (now BirdLife Hungary, since 1987)
  • Center for ecology and sustainable development "Cekor" (locally, since 2009)
  • Association for protection of natural and built heritage "Protego" (locally, since 2010)
  • Natura 2000 Resource Center Belgrade (through above organisations and individually, since it's founding)

  • Moja slika

    (József Dózsai)

    I am a field biologist, living in Subotica, Vojvodina, Northern Serbia. I have just high school finished (agriculture general technician) but with many years spent in NGO activism. Besides of monitoring birds in my area as a birder, I am involved in reporting insect species (bugs, butterflies, dragonflies and others) to the nationally gathering group of naturalists (Butterfyserbia Googlegroups, and a Biodiversity Forum) where I have contributed with many new data on National level. Also I am currently involved in the preparation of a biogeographic information system for the ecological NGO's that should start this year (a "Biolib-type" more advanced Biogeography Portal). I am also contributing with writings to the Natura 2000 for the West Balcans blog on Blogger and also writing some articles for local newspaper and e-media.

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