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October 2002

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Unprecedented local nature devastation!

Serbian Ministry of agriculture had rented governmental land to a firm and has ordered its immediate cultivation, a task right now being executed. It is a land never ploughed before, containing important remnant vegetation and rare animals, including some Red Book species, many of them not recorded elsewhere in present Serbia. Already more than 600 hectare (about 1500 Acre) of meadow and wood has been destroyed. Moreover, two decades ago this terrain was proposed as a protected area by the Ministry for Nature Protection of Serbia, but unfortunately the process of this has been prolonged, partially by the war and governmental changes in the country. Each government "forgets" about the laws and regulations made in the previous period, and until they are repeated they are largely ignored. This way we end up losing area by area, until we are left with insulated small remains of nature only.

By now, almost all of Vojvodina (Northern province of Serbia) is artifical cultivated region, almost without any grazing ground, and perhaps with less woodland than Ireland.

The government ordered this destruction as part of the privatization process, totally neglecting laws that protect wild plants and animals in the country. By the aggressiveness they are doing this to us, we fear they would have done it even if the area was already protected! Conservational law of Serbia protects many of these plants and animals, and penalty has been assigned. In spite of this, for example, our Institute for Nature Protection, also a legal institution, is unable to do anything to stop this, even while serious criminal act has been comitted in breaking law and international agreements that Yugoslavia has accepted. Moreover, this ploughing was an illegal activity, since even the 100 meter strip of borderline zone was disc-ploughed, which is internationally irregular.

Your support - even moral - means a lot to us!

Pictures about the state of the devastation (November, 2002):


1.) The work is continuously being done - presently it's worse than on the picture:

2.) Valuable untouched virgin grass is turned into cultivated ground of poorest quality:

3.) Ploughed sand steppe grass:

4.) Sand steppe grass population, ready for cultivation:

5.) Dirt heaps of the ground dog (Spalax leucodon):

6.) Bulbocodium versicolor - a Red Book species. Large population is endangered by the ploughing:

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